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Bolivia: Family Project

Technical assistance to support production, organisation and commercial actions is fundamental to improving rural economic development. The Suyana Municipal Programme, through the Family Project, helps improve family infrastructure and local economy by promoting, optimising and diversifying production, and strengthens the Farmers’ Economic Organisations rooted in local and socio-cultural strengths and potentials. The municipal governments should promote ongoing local human and economic development, in line with the SDG Decent Work and Economic Growth.


Products: Impact of Covid-19 on „Tejidos Carla“

The effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, in addition to the enormous restrictions in daily life in Bolivia, are a very big challenge for our handicraft groups. The women of the Tejidos Carla group currently knit their dolls from home. Once a week the people of La Paz are allowed to move freely in the city. This opportunity is used by the women to bring the products to the workshop of Tejidos Carla. The manual workers are extremely grateful to the Suyana Foundation for trusting them and for regularly paying out the orders based on photos.


Switzerland: Varia – Redistributing food

2 million tonnes of food are destroyed in Switzerland every year while 615,000 people are on the brink of poverty. For many years now Suyana has been supporting a national humanitarian organisation that rescues food that would otherwise be destroyed. Around 1,000 companies donate food that is close to its expiry date, is surplus or whose packaging is damaged to the organisation. This food is distributed to people at 130 distribution points. Suyana backs one of these distribution points and provides a sustainable social and ecological contribution to the respectful handling of these foodstuffs.


Peru: Emergency dental care at children's home

As for emergency dental care, Suyana Foundation implements actions according to the protocols of MINSA (Health Ministry), within the framework of COVID-19, providing emergency care requested by the children’s and adolescents‘ home CARE T’ikarisunchis-INABIF, preventing complications in oral health. In order to strengthen healthy habits, the children and their tutors were trained in the prevention and promotion of healthy practices, actions that contribute to the policy of the health establishments, because they focus on providing care for Covid-19 cases.


Bolivia: Distribution of prevention kits

In response to the health emergency caused by COVID-19 and as part of the „Strengthening of Primary Health Care 2020“, Suyana handed out prevention kits to 65 health facilities in rural areas as well as to government health and social services in La Paz: Maxillofacial surgery department of the General Hospital, Covid-19 intervention teams, care centres for needy and disabled children and adults as well as the centres Santa Cecilia y Luis Braille. The kits consist of protective equipment as well as disinfection and consumables to strengthen these institutions in the fight against COVID-19.


Products: Shop window at the station underpass

In spite of the hectic pace of everyday life, stop for a moment to take a look at the new shop window of the Suyana Foundation at the railway station underpass in Zug. It is decorated with products from our range. Enjoy our picture books for children, cute dolls, embroidered cards, woven sofa covers and maxi scarves. The products have been lovingly handmade. All knitted and woven articles are made of high-quality alpaca wool. So that you can get to know our entire product assortment in peace and quiet, a map shows you the short walk to our shop. We are looking forward to welcoming you!


Switzerland: Suyana Scholarships 2020/2021

We congratulate on receiving one of the Suyana scholarships: Elina Herrendorf from Ueberstorf (FR), who studies veterinary medicine in Bern, Oliver Knoepfli from Humlikon (ZH) who studies law in Fribourg, Théophile Ischer from Neuchâtel (NE), who is studying architecture in Basel and Carole Zermatten from Saint-Martin (VS) who studies food science in Zurich.

The complete portraits can be found here.


Peru: Protection material for health establishments

In order to strengthen the first level of health care, and decrease the expansion of COVID-19, Suyana Foundation carried out the first delivery of protection equipment to rural public health establishments in 7 districts in the departments of Cusco, Apurímac and Puno, which will contribute to the safety of health personnel and the improvement of a timely and preventive response to possible infections in the population.



The adequate outfitting of the mobile units is very important before starting the journey, it contributes to the optimal operation and protection of the equipment as well as the safety of the professionals. All Suyana mobile units are properly equipped, however, due to the wear and tear and the operating life of the accessories, they are re-equipped on a yearly basis. During 2019, the mobile units were provided with new canvas covers for the protection of carts and steering wheels, high amperage batteries, satellite tracking equipment, lubricants, tires and bags for the transfer of tools.


Products: The lion "Simba" as new picture book

Our picture books are produced by Bolivian women groups with a lot of handicraft skills. During the corona crisis, the craftswomen are especially grateful that they can work at home, where they are less exposed to risks and can still earn an income. Suyana and Pacha have used this time to develop a new cover page. The lion „Simba“ will soon enrich our product range and will certainly make many children’s eyes shine. The picture books are suitable for children from 2 years of age and help them to develop their fine motor skills in a playful way.


Switzerland: Support for product development

Everything looks very contemplative and in order on the farm of the young family. Urgently needed adjustments in the old, dark barn are prevented by the high requirements for the protection of historical monuments. Therefore, only a new orientation can ensure the survival of the farm. A solution was emerging in the set-up of assisted living for disabled people. This alone was not enough. Hence, the farmer’s wife started to produce care products for sensitive skin with success. However, the development costs have used up all financial reserves. Thanks to Suyana there is a way to continue.


Peru: Education – School Strategy

Rural schools face several hurdles to guarantee an adequate education. There is a lack of infrastructure and a healthy environment. Basic services are poor and teachers‘ resources are limited. The gap between urban and rural education is very wide and the government’s guidelines are not respected. This has a negative impact on the achievement of the SDG goals of Quality Education and Reducing Inequality. The Suyana School Project partners up with the education community to enforce public policy to give new generations a better chance in the future.


Bolivia: Health – Dental care

Access to dental care in rural areas is insufficient because of logistics and a lack of human resources. In rural areas 95% of people have cavities. Suyana provides dental care outside the reach of public services. The aim is to have students cavity-free because of curative and preventative dental care services. Older adults are provided with dentures, which are needed to ensure good nutrition. The Suyana Municipal Programme reinforces the health facilities so that they can provide quality care, expand cover and contribute to the Health and Wellbeing SDG.


Help us to protect people from COVID-19 infection

To reduce the risk of COVID-19 spreading in rural intervention areas of Suyana in Bolivia and Peru, Suyana is strengthening public health facilities in rural areas with protective equipment and disinfection materials. Health workers are on the front line and directly exposed to the virus, they need to protect themselves and continue their work, be able to act correctly in case of COVID-19 suspicion and to do prevention work. We also support regional health and school authorities, COVID-19 commands and various social institutions in urban areas.


Products: Globi / Globine and their adventures

Globi and Globine have been inspiring our children for generations. They are among the most successful Swiss children’s book characters. These darlings are newly produced as finger puppets by our group of women „Quiswara“ with a lot of craftsmanship. In order to optimally complement our Suyana range, we offer a large selection of Globi and Globine books in cooperation with the Orell Füssli publishing company. If you have any questions or orders, we look forward to hearing from you via


Educational material for the prevention of COVID-19

To reduce the risk of COVID-19 spreading in Suyana’s operational areas in Bolivia and Peru, Suyana has developed an emergency plan to strengthen primary health care in rural areas, as well as supporting schools, families and communities. Suyana has produced educational materials for the prevention of the spread of COVID-19, targeted directly for the various beneficiaries: schools, families, communities, which are also distributed to the public rural health centres as well as regional health and school authorities.


Alpinavera markets 2020

On the following Sundays in July, Suyana will be represented with its own stand at the alpinavera pass markets:

Sunday, 05th July 2020 from 10.00 to 16.00 hrs Oberalp pass
Sunday, 19th July 2020 from 10.00 to 16.00 hrs Flüela pass

Our unique and handmade products from Bolivia will be waiting for you – we look forward to your visit!


Switzerland: Finishing school with a quality education

A good quality education (basic, professional and ongoing) is the basis of a decent standard of living. Education is a human right and is fundamental to reduce poverty, achieve a solid economic growth and ensure social development. Suyana promotes training young people and provides scholarships for young people and adults in professional training to study, do internships, take courses, and refresher courses. Suyana, alone or in partnership with other organisations, works for each person to be able to access the education they want and need regardless of their age, sex or ethnic origin.



Suyana, in coordination with the Peruvian College of Dentists in Cusco, the Canas Canchis Espinar and Cusco Sur Health Networks, held a workshop aimed at updating dentists and surgeons from health facilities in the field as well as for Suyana staff on the following topics: Treating patients with special needs, the basics of fitting dentures, prescribing antibiotics and painkillers after extracting a tooth. The aim of this course was for dentists to expand their knowledge and improve their ability to solve problems in dental treatment.


Bolivia: Education

The gap between the rural and urban education systems prevents young people in rural areas from having the same opportunities in terms of education and integration into the labour market. The Education Act states that technical training should be based on local potential. The school project Suyana and marketing training courses promote the introduction of socially productive projects. This creates development opportunities that contribute to the SDG goal of high quality education. Comprehensive education and equal opportunities are guaranteed.


Products: Producer Julia S. – El Alto, Bolivia

“For Suyana I produce various cards with elaborate embroidery designs. We are a small family business, because my two older children help with some of the processes besides their studies. Working from home is a big advantage, because it is quiet and safe. In the beginning there were only small orders from Switzerland and it is just wonderful, that there are more of them now. It is important to work responsibly and to do the job well at all times. It would make me very happy if I could produce Christmas cards for you. Thank you very much for your order!”


The crisis hits Alto Trujillo hard

The effects of the Corona measures place a great strain on the people of Peru and bring the school system to its knees. If work is made impossible for them, as it is now, the consequences are of an existential dimension. Suyana collects donations so that our partner organizations in the poor district of Alto Trujillo can organize as many food packages as possible. With a donation of 10 Swiss francs you will finance a food package that feeds a family for at least one week.

Donation Account Foundation Suyana Mundial:
UBS, Switzerland AG, 8098 Zurich, CHF-IBAN: CH60 0027 3273 2722 7520 H
Remark: CORONA emergency aid Peru


Switzerland: Cockchafer larvae threaten an existence

Our farmer couple lives with their two children on the shadow side of the Grisons Safiental on a high plateau. The size of the farm provides a solid basis for a good livelihood. Unfortunately, the larvae of the cockchafer tarnished this idyll. Under the warm and dry conditions in the summer of 2018, this beetle was able to multiply tremendously and destroy a large part of the farmers‘ meadowland. This resulted in such large yield losses and consequential costs that the existence of the farm is endangered. Thanks to Suyana this emergency could be overcome.


Peru: Sustainable economic development

Sustainable economic development in rural communities requires support in production, organisation and marketing. There is a lack of infrastructure and transport. This affects the well-being of families and jeopardizes the achievement of the SDG goals of Decent Work and Economic Growth and Responsible Consumption and Production. Suyana promotes the formation of farmers‘ organizations, creating conditions to improve the local economy by pooling their resources and knowledge. The governments are motivated to invest in their products and thus strengthen the regional economy.


Bolivia: Donation of equipment for dental practice

When healthcare services in the municipality are scarce and people either do not have access or have to travel long distances to get dental treatment, Suyana steps in to support these municipalities with the provision of a dental practice. With these criteria in mind, Suyana donated the equipment for a dental practice in the newly built health centre in the municipality of Memeconi (remotely located and sometimes difficult to reach) back in 2018. In return, the municipality hired a dentist. In 2019 the practice was equipped and ready for use.


Products: Catalogue Christmas cards 2020

The preparations for the new Christmas cards have been going on for months. Now, 4 new impressively embroidered cards have arrived. With the purchase of the special Suyana products, you are not only directly supporting the producers and their families in Bolivia, you are also making an important contribution to helping people to achieve something by their own efforts. Order your desired cards now to receive them on time for Christmas. All orders, especially in this extraordinary year, give HOPE! If you have any questions, we will be happy to assist you:


Suyana Annual Report 2019

In 2019, Suyana successfully completed the 3-year programme in Bolivia and Peru, and in Switzerland numerous projects in the fields of education, agriculture and medicine were supported.

In our annual report you can find detailed information, facts and figures about the work of Suyana.


Switzerland: Purchase of land to secure livelihood

A friendly farmer’s couple with two children runs a medium-sized farm on the western edge of the canton of Berne. It comprises around 4 hectares of owned land and 15 hectares of leased land. The family keeps 17 dairy cows, 20 sheep and two goats, an actually solid base. The impending loss of 3.66 hectares of the leased land, which would have put the future of the farm at great risk, required the family to buy it. The couple invested all their funds in the purchase of the land and thus ran into a financial bottleneck. Thanks to Suyana, this hurdle can be overcome.



Dear Suyana Friends

Due to the current situation, our Suyana offices in Switzerland, Bolivia and Peru, as well as the office shop in Switzerland, will remain closed until further notice. You can reach us by phone and e-mail.

Take care of yourselves and stay healthy.
Your Suyana Team



The development of health promotion and disease prevention measures are actions carried out by Fundación Suyana in Cusco, Peru, in favour of the rural population living in extreme poverty. Aware of these activities, the María Salome Ferro children’s home has asked Suyana to have a medical and dental checkup and treatment of 30 patients and 1 caregiver at the institution. The aim of the children’s home is to protect abandoned children and adolescents who find themselves in situations of social risk.



Since 2017 we have been receiving training in environmental issues from Suyana. Among them, we built the ecological dry toilet in order to avoid water pollution. We also work on water harvesting and forestation. We implemented the garbage pit and a composting plant. We collect recyclable waste, which is later reused for handcrafted products. In this way, we practice proper waste management. Suyana has made important changes during the last 3 years of work.
Rafael Montes Mamani, teacher at the Charaj Sejrapi school, Municipality of Aucapata


Products: New products from Bolivia arrived!

The waiting was worth it. Our doll family from the Tejido Carla handicraft group got new family members. A small fox and a cute badger enrich our product range from now on. Our new Suyana mascot, a pretty lama, also travelled with them. Like all products manufactured by Tejidos Carla, these dolls are also made of fine baby alpaca wool. These new products are now available in our shop. Our new panda will also be arriving shortly.



We kindly invite you to our Easter apero.

When: Tuesday, 07th April 2020 / 16:00 -20:00 hrs
Where: Masquevino Tapas Bar, Poststrasse 13, 6300 Zug

We are looking forward to welcoming you and to raise our glasses to the forthcoming Easter holiday. Our beautiful product range is waiting for you.


Switzerland: Agriculture – promoting local produce

By building partnerships Suyana promotes the direct sale of high-quality organic produce grown in the Alps. The producers set up a co-operative that enables them to sell their produce in markets in the Alps in summer. This means that the added value stays in the region and that the farmers receive a fair price for their local products. Suyana is a trustworthy partner to support the markets and guarantee that the farmers profit from participating. As the regional variety of produce is under threat, the markets aim to be as financially independent as possible and maintain a variety of produce in the mountain region.


Peru: Health – Medicine

As per National Institute of Statistics 25.3% of children under 5 living in rural areas are chronically malnourished. 43.6% of children under 3 are anaemic. People in rural areas have limited access to health services because of a lack of infrastructure and basic services. The state must improve conditions so that its people can access health coverage; however, policy is not enough to bring coverage to rural areas, which undermines the good health and wellbeing, zero hunger and no poverty goals. The Suyana Municipal Program coordinates with local governments to bring health services to families.


Bolivia: Annual School Fairs

At the end of each year, the Annual School Fairs Suyana are held in the communities where Suyana works. The focus is on the exchange of knowledge between communities, schools and other institutions. At different exhibition stands, the students present in a creative way the topics in which they have worked with Suyana and what they have learned. The school fairs are organized in coordination between the teams of the medical vehicles of Suyana and the municipalities. The participation and interest of the population and students is always very high.


Suyana contest 2019

In the context of the Christmas bazaar held in November 2019 at the Parkhotel Zug, a contest was held by Suyana. The question was: To reach the community of Memeconi in the municipality of Aucapata, our vehicles need the most time. How long do you think does the journey from La Paz to Memeconi take? The correct answer is: 12.5 hours. Participant Martin I. estimated 12 hours and thus won the prize, a scarf knitted from alpaca wool. We wish the winner a lot of fun and extend our thanks to all participants.



Throughout the year, our products are made by eight handicraft groups. Our annual Christmas dinner is a note of thanks and takes place in our Suyana office in La Paz. All groups meet there for a communal meal, the „Christmas aphtapi“. Everyone brings something and puts it on the table so that everyone can eat it. This time it was a huge success! There was so much food that even the rest of the Suyana staff could attend.


Switzerland: A farming family needs more space

A young couple and their three children live on a small old-fashioned farm. It is far from the village and only the kitchen is heated. They are a happy family but they would like to have a larger living space and a roof that doesn’t leak. They use the living room as a bedroom and playroom for their children. Suyana would like to help them to have a more appropriate living space and thanks you for any donation you would like to make.



Specialists from the Andenes Experimental Agricultural Station (INIA – Cusco), part of the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation, boosted the knowledge of 27 auxiliary vets, trained by Suyana, in the following topics: Pasture and Fodder Management, Soil Management and Conservation, Raising Guinea Pigs, and updated knowledge of veterinary Pharmacology. Once the auxiliary vets had finished the course they took practical and written tests to be certified as Rural Outreach Workers and enrolled INIA-register for technical assistance.


Bolivia/Peru: Suyana Municipal Program

The Suyana Municipal Program revolves around three pillars: School, Family and Municipal strategies, with health actions woven throughout. The Program contributes to improving the quality of life of vulnerable rural populations living in extreme poverty and feeds into government policy to support human development. It also works to maximize the use of local government resources, encourages families to invest, generates the conditions needed for integral development and promotes the different local actors creating synergies, which contributes to achieving the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.



A successful 2019 is coming to an end and thanks to your help Suyana was again able to support many children, young people and families in our working areas. We look forward to an exciting year 2020 and would like to take this opportunity to thank all our partners and supporters on behalf of the beneficiaries. We wish you happy holidays and a good start into the New Year!


Peru: Healthy Schools in the Cusco Region, 2019

Directive of the Regional Health Department DIRESA CUSCO to the education and health sectors (as per Education Act N° 28044 and Health Act N° 26846) ordered that a joint assessment be done in the Cusco Region. As a result two schools, Chucchucalla–Yanaoca took first place in the primary schools category and Hermanos Ayar–Paruro, took first place in the secondary schools category. They were given a pennant and a board resolution recognising their extraordinary efforts, including   healthy school meals, healthy habits, productive projects and managing resources well; all activities promoted by Suyana during their Municipal School Strategy for 2019.


Bolivia: Water committees share their experiences

Experiences were shared in the communities of Maca Maca and Molina Pata in the municipality of Sapahaqui, where Caritas Coro Coro has set up water systems and committees. The water committees where Suyana works, representatives of the Authority for Oversight and Social Control of Drinking Water and Basic Sanitation (AAPS), technicians from Caritas and Suyana staff took part. The topics covered included water infrastructure, water distribution networks and the services provided by the water committees. The different institutions coordinate these events so that different actors can see other experiences and learn from them to improve how to monitor the consumption of safe drinking water.


Suyana Christmas exhibitions 2019

Are you looking for a meaningful gift? Gifts for a good cause with handcrafted products from Bolivia. We look forward to see you soon.

Christmas Market Steinhausen
Friday 29th November 2019 from 15 – 20 hrs

Christmas Market Baar
Saturday 30th December 2019 from 11 – 20 hrs

Open Sunday in Küssnacht
Sunday 1st December 2019 from 10 – 17 hrs

Christmas Market Meilen
Sunday 1st December 2019 from 11 – 20 hrs

Zuger Märlisunntig, Landsgemeindeplatz
Sunday 8th December 2019 from 14 – 18 hrs

NEW: Zuger Christmas Market, Postplatz
Saturday 14th December 2019 from 12 – 21 hrs                                                                Sunday 15th December 2019 from 11 – 18 hrs



We look forward to every new shipment that arrives from Bolivia. The boxes are always filled with many beautiful handcrafted products. In time for our Suyana Christmas exhibitions we are well prepared to present all our products.


Suyana Christmas Bazar

Gifts for a good cause with handcrafted products from Bolivia.
We look forward to seeing you!

Where:   Parkhotel, Industriestrasse 14, 6300 Zug

Wednesday 20th November 2019 from 11 – 20 hrs
Thursday 21st November 2019 from 08 – 20 hrs


Switzerland: Relief thanks to new milking system

After a hip operation, a farmer in Schwarzburgerland suffers the consequences of the operation with pain and a disability to walk. To facilitate physical relief, he would like to install a tubular milking system to avoid the heavy hauling of the milk cabs. However his means have melted so much after the long rehabilitation period, that he cannot finance the machine on its own. It needs the support of Suyana.



In order for the sustainable development agenda to be effective, partnerships among governments, the private sector and civil society must be made. Suyana encourages districts, municipal governments, communities and families to invest. The SMP rolls out actions that generate a shared vision of development so that stakeholders invest their own initiative and efforts. Only by directly involving the local people can sustainable economic and human development be achieved, and the 2030 SDGs be transferred from ideas on paper to realities.


Suyana Christmas exhibitions 2019 ***save the date***

Gifts for a good cause with handcrafted products from Bolivia.
We look forward to seeing you!

Suyana Christmas Bazar, Parkhotel Zug
Wednesday 20th November 2019 from 11 – 20 hrs
Thursday 21st November 2019 from 08 – 20 hrs

Christmas Market Steinhausen
Friday 29th November 2019 from 15 – 20 hrs

Christmas Market Baar
Saturday 30th December 2019 from 11 – 20 hrs

Open Sunday in Küssnacht
Sunday 1st December 2019 from 10 – 17 hrs

Christmas Market Meilen
Sunday 1st December 2019 from 11 – 20 hrs

Zuger Märlisunntig, Landsgemeindeplatz
Sunday 8th December 2019 from 14 – 18 hrs

Suyana Christmas exhibitions



Suyana increases awareness of responsible use of water by setting up mobile taps, and promotes sowing and harvesting water for human consumption and agriculture. It encourages setting up water committees to sustainably manage local water resources, which carry out campaigns to clean-up, chlorinate and protect water sources to provide the locals with safe water. Installing dry ecological toilets and wastepits helps avoid poluuting and wasting water resources. Planting trees in common areas and around schools is encouraged.


Switzerland: Suyana Foundation gets projects rolling

The bike rental system Nextbike is available in Zug since mid-September. This is an important addition to approximately 200 locations in many municipalities in central Switzerland. Residents, professionals and tourists can get from A to B quickly and flexibly. Nextbike is operated in central Switzerland by Caritas Lucerne. In Zug, it cooperates with GGZ@Work, which is responsible for maintenance. Both organisations work very successfully in professional and social integration. Foundation Suyana is proud to be a partner of Caritas Lucerne and to be rolling in the city of Zug.


Peru: Donation of a dental practice

Suyana promotes actions that strengthen healthcare facilities, so that these can provide better coverage and increase indicators of oral health. In this opportunity, Suyana coordinated activities with the health net Cusco Sur, which assigned a rural and urban Health Service (SERUMS) post for odontology. The municipality will complement the dental practice implemented by Suyana in the health station of the district of Ccapi with an X-ray equipment. The practice will provide a permanent dental service to the population for the first time, especially to the most vulnerable people.


Bolivia: Farmer´s expert – Satiri

My family was a “Model Family” in the Suyana Family Project and I received a scholarship from Suyana for a training as an auxiliary veterinary at the University of Tiahuanaco. Afterwards, I worked with families as Farming Expert “Satiri”. We started to improve the homes with hygiene areas, waste pits, toilettes, separate rooms and kitchens. We also worked on the production aspect. We improved animal sheds, irrigation systems and spaces to breed guinea pigs. I helped 30 families to improve. They upgraded their homes and learned to live better and tidier.
Blanca Mamani, Municipality of Aucapata



In Switzerland there are over 140,000 patients diagnosed as having dementia. This is a growing challenge for families and for society. This disease takes it toll on those affected and their surroundings. As the disease progresses, patients lose skills and have to give up different activities. It is important to give their families time off and work on the patients‘ quality of life. Suyana suppirts institutions that provide daycare and support during holidays, as well as help and information for the relatives of those suffering frm this disease.


Peru: Dental care at children’s home

On July 30, for the second time this year, Foundation Suyana carried out activities to promote healthy habits and prevent mouth diseases at the children´s home “Jesus mi Luz” from INABIF – Cusco. 34 children and 2 guardians there received preventative dental care (diagnosis and fluoridation). These actions contributed to strengthen the oral health and healthy habits of the benefitted children.


Bolivia: Health fair SEDES

The Departmental Health Service (SEDES) La Paz organised a health fair with the participation of the Foundation Suyana, the Municipality of La Paz, different units from SEDES, universities and the Ministry of Health, among others. The focus lied on cervical cancer prevention, contraceptive methods, health of mothers and infants, and oral health. Suyana informed children and parents about the importance of health with the use of plays. The support of Suyana was important, because it enabled the unification of efforts with other institutions developing health prevention activities.


Switzerland: Suyana Scholarships 2019/2020

We congratulate on receiving one of the Suyana scholarships: Lisa Karsten (BS), who
is studying for a master’s degree in European Global Studies at the University of Basel, Sabrina Gurten from Grengiols (VS), who is about to complete biology at the University
of Innsbruck, Elina Herrendorf from Ueberstorf (FR), who studies veterinary medicine in
Bern and Théophile Ischer from Neuchâtel (NE), who is studying architecture in Basel.

The complete portraits can be found here



Actions such as deforestation as a result of human activities speed up the effects of climate change. Through the Suyana Muncipal Strategy, along with municipal governments and communities, the sustainable management of forests and fragile ecosystems through forestation and reforestation campaigns is being put into practice. Projects boost the sowing and harvesting of water, and protecting water sources using local, traditional and technical knowledge that ensure water availability and recover ecosystems home to a great biodiversity.


Bolivia: Carpentry Workshop

Every year the students, teachers and schools in our project municipalities learn to use the carpentry tools donated by Suyana in 2017. The training sessions and the tools are used to repair furniture and to make small bookshelves or didactic games for the schools. The students work on their technical skills, and the teachers and students pass on the knowledge and skills they have learnt in their classrooms in the rural area.


Switzerland: alpine markets summer 2019

Don’t forget: On following Sundays, Suyana will have its own stand at the Alpinavera alpine markets:

Sunday, 04th August 2019 from 10 am to 4 pm at Klausenpass
Sunday, 18th August 2019 from 10 am to 4 pm at Oberalppass

Our unique and handmade products from Bolivian women groups are waiting for you! We are looking forward to your visit! Flyer Passmarkets


Switzerland: Alpine stable urgently needed

A young farmer in the canton of Obwalden urgently needs a new alpine stable with accommodation. However, the Alpine cooperative, which is the owner, is not in a position to bear all the costs of the new building. The young farmer bought the farm from his father only two years ago, so he himself has few financial means to bear all the costs. Despite his enormous personal contribution, he needs help from Suyana.


Products: Globi as Finger Puppet

Globi is the most successful Swiss children-book character. Thanks to the support from Suyana, after an intensive optimisation phase, our group of women “Quiswara” accomplished to produce the perfect finger puppet. Under a licence agreement with the Orell-Füssli publisher we were able to gain 7 reselling points until now. Moreover, we were included into the non-books section of the Buchzentrum publisher. Each new order means an important contribution for the living expenses of “Quiswara”. With this income, the women are able to feed their families and ensure schooling for their children.



People living in remote rural areas usually do not have access to basic services. Suyana provides health and dental care in the project zones. At the same time, Suyana promotes preventive actions, tackling health problems at the root – taking education, production, basic sanitation, housing and caring for the environment as the pillars that support families‘ wellbeing. These actions are coordinatesd with all levels of public health, support existing health programmes and work together to create healthy municipalities.


SWITZERLAND: Farmhouse renovation

After a long, serious illness and the subsequent death of his father, a young farmer is forced to take over his father’s organic farm earlier than planned. Since the farmhouse is in a very desolate condition, it has to be completely renovated. In addition to the high investment costs in the farm and a loss of the carrot harvest last summer, the funds for the project are simply no longer sufficient; the man needs help from Suyana. Thank you for letting us count on your donation.


Peru: Marketing workshop

„I’m very grateful for all the support that Suyana gives us, especially for all the up-to-date knowledge it passes on to the students. I loved the marketing workshop. The students go to the course with high expectations and work really hard. I think that in these last last 3 years we’ve learnt a lot about how to draft projects for micro-businesses in schools and businesses. I hope that the Phinaya school can set up a large productive business project in the future.“ Martha Cahuana Tapia, teacher at Phinaya secondary school, Pitumarca


Switzerland: alpine markets summer 2019

The association alpinavera organises this summer 10 alpine markets and 1 market at the lake, so that farmers can sell their excellent food products directly to the clients. On following Sundays, Suyana will have its own stand selling our unique and handmade products from Bolivian women groups:

Sunday, 04th August 2019 from 10 am to 4 pm at Klausenpass
Sunday, 18th August 2019 from 10 am to 4 pm at Oberalppass

We are looking forward to seeing you there! Flyer Passmarkets



Lack of education is a key factor of poverty. Suyana is committed to helping people gain access to a decent education. Suyana supports people directly or through partner oragnisations without discrimination against age, sex or origin. People are finishing formal education, training courses or internships. Suyana helps young people to join the workforce, and adults to continue training. When people receive targeted education services, they are more likely to lead an independent life.


Bolivia: Update course

A training course was held in the Suyana offices on „Integrated Care during the Life-Cycle“ for the health centres and Suyana staff. Representatives of the Departmental Health Service (SEDES) of La Paz gave training on healthcare for adolescents, and the staff were able to update their knowledge of how to care for women of childbearing age, pregnancy, postpartum period and birth control. Suyana staff gave presentations on their work and talked about the importance of strengthening health facilities.


Peru: A Danish delegation comes to visit

19 Danish students stayed with families in the community of Anansaya in Paruro. They got involved in the community’s family, social, cultural and farming activities, and shared their experiences and learned about sustainable work and respect for Pachamama (mother earth). Anansaya is consolidating itself as a “Healthy Community”, which means that the families are improving their living conditions and their productive capacities, setting up Farmers Economic Organisations supported by the Suyana Municipal Programme.


SWITZERLAND: Stable enlargement high up on the Uri alp

A family with four children lives all year round high up on an alp in the Schächen valley. This is only accessible by a small cable car. The working day begins here at four o’clock in the mor-ning, because the cows are spread out in old stables. The farmer now wants to rebuild and enlarge an existing barn in such a way that there is enough space for all the animals. On the one hand this will reduce his immense working hours and on the other hand improve animal welfare. Thank you for letting us count on your donation.


Bolivia: Annual School Fairs

The Annual School Fairs Suyana is held each year to encourage communities and schools to share their knowledge and raise awareness of health, the environment, education and sustainable economic development. It’s a very important day for the students as they get a chance to show a large audience what they have learnt. The municipal governments, coordinating with the Suyana medical mobile units, organise the fairs and ensure that the different institutions that work in health, economic development or education are fully involved.


PERU: Proposal to eradicate poverty

The Suyana Program/Model – a proposal to eradicate poverty, from the ground up –  contributing to achieving the sustainable development goals of the United Nations.

Click here for the video: Spanish or English


Products: Our Christmas catalogue 2019

In addition to our classic Christmas cards we have 3 beautiful new ones in our range. Order your cards now to get in time for Christmas. By purchasing the unique and exclusive Suyana products, you do not only support the producers and their families in Bolivia, but you also make a very important contribution to „helping people to help themselves “. That is our objective – to give people hope for a better future. Suyana Christmas catalogue 2019


Switzerland: A serious fall takes its toll

Unfortunately, a farmer that had just finished building his house fell and was seriously hurt. His insurance did not cover his medical bills and he needed to hire someone to help out on the farm. Thanks to the support from Suyana, the farmer does not anymore have to worry about paying someone to look after his livestock and work in the fields.



Many thanks to all our Suyana friends for coming to our Easter Apéro in Masquevino. A big thank you also goes to the Masquevino team for the successful evening.
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Tomorrow our Easter apero will take place from 16:00 to 20:00 hrs at Masquevino, Poststrasse 13 in Zug.

Our handicraft groups from Bolivia have designed new products especially for Easter.

We are looking forward to welcoming you and to raise our glasses to the forthcoming Easter holiday.



Child malnutrition is still rapant in the rural areas where Suyana works. The following factors have been identified as causing malnutrition: lack of safe water, high rates of parasites, lack of knowledge of healthy diet and hygiene, large families and llittle income. The SMP promotes the proper use fo water and healthy diet. The general public is made aware of the issue through weighing and emasuring campaigns. The families improve their production and generate more income by setting up Farmers Economic Organisations.


Peru: Model Family – Family Project 2018

The family of Julián Huaranca and Faustina Huillca in Llallapara-Yanaoca is one of the 185 model families of 2018. The family reached the first place in the Suyana Family Project 2018 and was awarded the title of “Healthy Family” by their Municipality. Guided by their talking map, they made improvements to their home. They improved the shed and water irrigation and harvesting system, produce organic fertilizer and raise guinea pigs. They now have more family income and better living conditions.



Based on SDG 12, Suyana supports people and organisations committed to sustainable consumption. Suyana promotes projects that collect, process or sell on excess fruit, vegetables, nuts, etc. or those that do not pass control standards. Suyana ensures that the projects pay the farmers a fair price for their produce, and new job opportunities arise and delicious products are prepared, while avoiding food waste. Through this, Suyana makes a significant social and ecological contribution to the responsible management of food.



We kindly invite you to our Easter apero.

When:  Tuesday, 09th April 2019 / 16:00 -20:00 hrs
Where: MasquevinoTapas Bar, Poststrasse 13, 6300 Zug

Our handicraft groups from Bolivia have designed new products especially for Easter. We are looking forward to welcoming you and to raise our glasses to the forthcoming Easter holiday.



Improving the quality of teaching in rural areas is a priority. Suyana, through its School Strategy, focusses on making changes in schools so that they can offer safe, quality learning spaces, which leads to lower drop-out rates. Courses on marketing encourage schools to set up productive education projects so that students leave school with techncial training and skills. This helps give the students a better vision of the future and boosts development in the most isolated communities.



What do you do when paperwork is piling up and you’re overwhelmed? Sandra Steffen, farmer by profession, lends farmers a helping hand when they can’t cope with the seemingly increasing and more and more demanding administrative tasks. After many years of experience, Sandra has decided to start up her own consultancy business to support struggling farmers, but she needs an injection of capital. Thanks to Suyana, she gets the necessary start-up financing.


Bolivia: Registration of Water Committees

Suyana, under an agreement with the AAPS (Potable Water and Sanitation Oversight and Fiscalisation Authority), provided support for the consolidation of the community EPSAS (Public Social Water and Sanitation Company). The EPSAS will be fully recognised as service providers and will be responsible, along with the Municipal and Community Governments, for improving the water supply services. The Executive Director of the AAPS, Eng. Victor Rico, issued the official authorisation to 22 EPSAs.


Peru: Support from Partner Institutions

The company RAYMISA SA visited Ocongate, where it saw the fantastic work being done in the schools as part of the Suyana School Project. They decided to support the activities and improvements already done by donating kitchen supplies, first-aid kits and supplies, nutrition supplements, hygiene kits and cleaning supplies to the primary schools of Pinchimuro, Ccolca, Canllipampa, Pukarumi. The donations were delivered by the founder and general manager Orlando Vásquez Buenaño in the presence of the education community of each school. We are very grateful!


SWITZERLAND: A stroke of luck and its consequences

In the mountain area of Obervaz lives an older couple of farmers who have no successors for their dairy farm and would like to sell it to a young couple for a very economical price. However, the financing is very difficult for the professional farmer and forest ranger. Despite the great support of many family members and friends, their savings are simply not enough. What to do now? Help us to finance this project, because together we can achieve more. Thank you very much!


Give hope for Valentine's Day!

On February 14, love is celebrated! With your donation you give and take at the same time: You help us to give hope for a better future! In February, donors from Switzerland will receive a small knitted heart, produced by our handicraftsgroups in Bolivia. Our thanks come with hearts!

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Suyana contest 2018

Our last Lama cuddly toy was handed over to the lucky winner of the Suyana contest raffle. The question was: Which products are new this year? The correct answer is: Key rings and dolls made of baby alpaca. We wish the winner the best of luck and extend our thanks to all participants.


Bolivia/Peru: Start of activities 2019

Everything’s ready and our teams are standing by with their medical mobile units to start working this new year, 2019. They are excited about and committed to working in isolated communities in the Peruvian and Bolivian highlands. The team from the District of Pitumarca (Peru) made this video so you can see their work:
We wish them much success!


Switzerland: Transfer of education department

We are very pleased to welcome Daniel Sigrist to our Suyana team in Zug. He has taken over the education department, previously managed by Yvonne Imholz, as of 1st January 2019 and is thus responsible for the education applications from Switzerland. We wish him lots of success and pleasure in his new position at Suyana Switzerland.


Peru: Regional awards given to Healthy Schools

Two schools that won the Suyana School Strategy in 2018 were given by the Regional Board of Education and Regional Health Board the recognition as Healthy Schools: School No. 56157 Anansaya, in the District of Checca took first place, and School No. 56140 Jilayhua, in the District of Yanaoca took the third place. Official results can be found at:



Suyana’s contribution focusses on human development, social and economic inclusion, and environmental protection in the most vulnerable sectors in rural areas. The “Alternative Model for Sustainable Rural Municipal Development”, through its “Integrated Programme to Strengthen Extremely Poor Rural Communities”, improves the quality of life of rural people, supporting the efforts already being made by government institutions. To achieve sustainability, Suyana encourages municipal governments to adopt its Suyana Muncipal Programme, already adopted by several municipal governments.



The year 2018 is coming to an end soon … On behalf of the entire Suyana team we would like to thank you all for the successful cooperation and the generous support. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Thank you!

We would like to pause for a moment, put the Christmas stress aside and just say thank you to all our benefactors, to all our customers and last but not least to all the volunteers who are in good mood in rain and cold at the Zug Christmas stand or other events and gladly sell our beautiful range of products for the benefit of the Foundation. THANK YOU!


Christmas Market in Zug

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Zuger Märlisunntig

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Suyana & Consol in Paettern

Are you looking for a meaningful gift?
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Suyana Christmasbazar

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Where: Parkhotel, Industriestrasse 14, 6300 Zug
When:  Wednesday 21st & Thursday 22nd November 2018 from 8-20 hrs


Bolivia: School Project 2018

We would like to congratulate all of the schools that have participated at the Suyana School Strategy for the achieved changes this year, for the work that they have done hand in hand with the municipal governments of the 8 Municipalities where we work, i.e. Ayo Ayo, Mecapaca, Chacarilla, Charazani, Aucapata, Combaya, Sorata and Papel Pampa, the community, teachers, school directors, students and parents coordinating with Suyana’s teams. Keep up the good work! donations


Peru: Working as a farming expert

“I trained as an auxiliary vet and outreach worker with Suyana. With the families we made dining rooms, improved their stoves, built ecological fridges and divided their homes into different rooms. We’ve worked with the families so they have safe water and have built sheltered areas. I worked with two farmers’ economic organisations – one of them has improved its production of dairy products, and the other its guinea pig production. Both are selling their products at local markets.”
Alberto Auccapuri –Suyana “Yachaq Runa” Suyana outreach worker, Challabamba


Switzerland: Loss of a rented barn

A whole family was affected by the loss of the stable they rented; they need to build a new one immediately but it is not that easy. The young family has five children and lacks the means to cover the cost of such a large investment. How can they turn the corner? Thanks to support from Suyana, work will begin on constructing the barn this summer.


Bolivia: Protecting the environment

“We would like to thank Suyana for working on the environment. Thanks to what they’ve done, we now have regulations for the clean-up campaigns. You can see the students making an effort to keep their schools and homes clean. The teachers all support this activity. We recycle and reuse plastic bottles for different things. It’s a great privilege to work with Suyana.”
José Mamani– Teacher from Chaqueña, Calacoto


Christmas exhibitions 2018 ***save the date***

Are you looking for a meaningful gift?
Gifts for a good cause with handcrafted products from Bolivia.
Gifts from the heart make a difference! We look forward to seeing you soon.

Suyana Christmasbazar – Parkhotel Zug
Wednesday 21st & Thursday 22nd November 2018 from 08-20 hrs

Suyana & Consol in Paettern, Zug
Monday, 26th November to Saturday, 1st December 2018

Zuger Märlisunntig – Landsgemeindeplatz
Sunday, 9th December 2018

Zuger Weihnachtsmarkt – Postplatz
Wednesday, 12th to Sunday, 16th December 2018



Each year we fit patients, who cannot afford treatment in the Public Healthsystem, with dentures to improve their oral health, restore chewing capacity and improve facial aesthetics. Patients have received dentures meaning that they have improved their oral health and self-esteem.


Bolivia: Recognition from the Senate

Senator Patricia Gómez Andrade, Second Secretary of the Senate, formally presented a Senate Acknowledgement of the work being done by the Suyana Foundation. The ceremony was held in the Andrés Ibañez Chamber. The Suyana Foundation was congratulated and praised for their work in extremely poor communities and for encouraging families to change their attitude to improve their quality of life. More infos….


Switzerland: Information / support centre for dementia

Since there was neither information nor dementia-friendly relief opportunities, our family founded the charitable foundation Marai with Wiitsicht Centre with its day care and dementia information centre as well as the special-care home in Trübbach. The dementia information and support centre is the regional contact point for dementia, accessible to anyone, as it is free of charge thanks to charitable support from, among others, the Suyana Foundation. „Margrit Raimann, Wiitsicht Centre,


Peru: Assessing the Suyana School Strategy

The first evaluation of the School Strategy  Suyana covered 60 primary schools and 18 secondary schools. Each school showed how much progress it had made and the panel, comprising representatives from the Local Education Management Unit, Health Facility and District Board, were satisfied with the progress they saw and made suggestions on how to improve for the next evaluation.


Bolivia: Boosting our human resources

A workshop on tuberculosis was held for the Suyana health team by the Health Authorities of the Department of La Paz (SEDES). Epidemiological data were shared where the rates of tuberculosis are highest in the valley and tropical rural areas; after analysing the data, the groups discussed their ideas to improve this situation. The facilitators from SEDES answered questions posed by Suyana staff who increased their knowledge.


Switzerland: Suyana Scholarships 2018/2019

We congratulate on receiving one of the Suyana scholarship: Lisa Karsten (BS), who is studying for a master’s degree in European Global Studies at the University of Basel, Sabrina Gurten from Grengiols (VS), who studies biology at the University of Innsbruck and Daria Maslennikova from Wil (SG), who is about to complete her master in biochemistry at ETH Zurich.

The complete portraits can be found here:    Press release Suyana 2018


Peru: Taking on the Suyana Model

“We’ve adopted the Suyana Model because we’ve seen the results of working with Suyana in health, economic development, education and the environment. It’s a luxury having a doctor, a dentist, an agronomist, a nurse in the communities that most need their support. I’d like to congratulate Suyana, the teachers and the parents too because this isn’t just the work of one institution, everyone needs to pitch in. I know that if we all join in together we will reach the objective that we are all going for.”

José Barrientos – Mayor of the Ocongate District


Bolivia: Sharing Experiences of the Family Strategy

Families that had made progress improving their production and water systems through the Family Strategy Suyana participated in trip to share experiences. The Families, Farming Experts and local authorities visited the Model-Families in Ayo Ayo, Chacarilla and Papel Pampa to see the innovations production and housing the families have put into place. The local authorities encouraged the participants to keep up the good work within the Family Strategy.


Switzerland: Unforeseen costs after the storm

A dairy farming family lives in Grabserberg where a storm set off a landslide that buried the stables. After some months, you can see that the beams of the barn have been so debilitated that it is about to fall down. The family needs to rebuild the barn and build a retaining wall to protect them from the encroaching slopes but they do not have the amount needed and are asking for help.


Peru: Campaign to detect Malnutrition

Malnutrition hampers school-age children’s capacity to learn and so early detection is key to the fight against malnutrition. For this reason the Suyana Foundation teams, in coordination with the Ministry of Health, weighed and measured 1’565 school children in 50 Schools.


Bolivia: Supporting Prevention

“We are coordinating with Suyana to do different activities to prevent oral diseases. In 2017 Suyana helped us again at the Departmental Oral Health Fair. 2017, we went to visit the project to see the hygiene corners and the work being done with the children with “zero cavities”. It’s interesting to see how they work on prevention by encouraging the children to have good health habits – we’d like to use the same methodology throughout the department of La Paz. I’d like to thank Suyana for all the work it does in rural areas where children don’t have access to healthcare.” Dr. Cristian Guerrero, Departmental Oral Health Programme, SEDES, La Paz


Switzerland: alpine markets summer 2018

The association alpinavera organises this summer 9 alpine markets, so that farmers can sell their excellent food products directly to the clients. On following Sundays, Suyana will have its own stand selling our unique and handmade products from Bolivian women groups.

Sunday, July 22nd 2018 from 10 am to 4 pm at Gotthardpass
Sunday, July 29th 2018 Oberalp from 10 am to 4 pm at Oberalppass

We are looking forward to seeing you there! Flyer Passmarket 2018


Switzerland: New farmhouse

In the canton of Bern, a farmer couple and a toddler live far away from the farm. On the farm there is only room for the husband’s parents. The young farmer sometimes works far away in winter, therefore he has to be in the stable at five o’clock am. The farmhouse is so old that an enlargement is no longer worthwhile. It urgently needs a new home for young and elderly. Thanks to the help of Suyana, the house can be built.


Peru: Marketing Workshop 2018

The Marketing Workshop 2018 was held in the city of Cusco and was a great success. The workshop was opened by the Regional Director of Education, and year 4 of secondary school students from the districts of Ollachea (Puno), Paruro, Ccapi, Yanaoca, Pitumarca, Checca and Ocongate (Cusco) showed off their productive school projects and got the chance to boost their leadership skills and self-esteem.


Bolivia: Improvement of health indicators

“Since the Suyana Foundation came to work here, now the families have a waste pit and toilet, practice healthy habits, which helps prevent diseases. All these the families didn’t have before. This is great for the families, who are visited regularly by Suyana in their homes. We do the baseline, what diseases there are here and what the local people do to get better. The health indicators showed a medium risk. But with Suyana’s work, the risk to their health is now reduced and the quality of life of the people of Pusillani improved.” Sonia Cutile, Doctor at the Pusillani Health Facility, Municipality of Aucapata


Switzerland: Internship in Health and Social Affairs

„I always wanted to learn the health service profession. I am very happy, having had the opportunity to do 1 year of internships in social affairs and health, thanks to the completion of the professional training course offered by the Red Cross of the canton of Zurich. Every day I do my best and in return I receive a lot of recognition. Success for me is being able to help other people. Now I have the opportunity to do it with my profession. Many thanks!
Arbnora Z. –Student Internship Health and Social Affairs


Peru: Flooding – One year later

Liliana Frei recently visited the families in Alto Trujillo, who had received – thanks to your generous support – a rain-proof roof after the heavy storms of March 2017. Here you can see some impressions of the visit.



Bolivia: One day with the team in Papel Pampa

In the community of Pacollo, the doctors and dentists treat patients. The water committee cleans the water tanks with the help of the Suyana-team. At noon, we have lunch in the open-air classroom and when we finish everything, we go back to our logistics centre in Papel Pampa to accompany the Satiri on a home visit. As the sun set we all have some tea and finish the day with a good chat.


Switzerland: Violent storm destroys barn roof

In January 2018, the storm depression Burglind with gale-force winds over Switzerland caused high damage. This happened to a young farmer from the Rheintal. The storm sweeps away part of its barn roof. Although the insurance pays a large part of the damage, but since the stable is over 100 years, the farmer must replace the entire roof, because a partial repair makes no sense, since the support beams are rotten. However, his funds are not enough for the additional investment, he needs help.


Peru: Healthy Schools

“We’ve been working with the Suyana School Project, who boosts the government’s “Healthy School” strategy, and we won first place, with an award from the Ministry of Health. We’ve instilled healthy habits into the children; we’ve worked on skills and capacities; and on making improvements in our school. Suyana has really helped us transform our school. Now we have really friendly spaces, an organic vegetable garden, guinea pig pens, and a whole lot more. Suyana has really encouraged us to make these changes. Edwin Macedo, Head Sunchubamba School, Challabamba. School Project My lovely school


Winner of the Easter Contest 2018

Mrs. Heidi Nägeli is the winner of the Suyana Easter contest. The estimation question was the following: How many knitted animals are contained in this vessel? The correct answer is 142. Heidi Nägeli was the closest with her estimation of 148. We wish her a lot of fun with the Masquevino voucher and thank all participants for their visits.


Switzerland: Successful regional marketing

As part of the project series „Farmers for Farmers“, three new films on „Successful regional marketing“ were created. In it, selected protagonists talk about their project idea, obstacles they had to overcome and factors that were important for success in retrospect. The goal is to disseminate the stories and the knowledge they convey in rural networks, working groups and agricultural schools in order to trigger new initiatives. Link to the Video:


Products: Our Christmas catalog 2018

In addition to our classic Christmas cards we have 3 beautiful new ones in our range. By purchasing the unique and exclusive Suyana products, you not only support the producers and their families in Bolivia, but you also make a very important contribution to the „help for self-help“. That is our objective – to give people hope for a better future.
Suyana Christmas catalog 2018


Peru: II. International Seminar for Local Governments

Local government officials presented the start of a new way of participatory governing – together with families and communities – as promoted and supported by 4 municipal governments in Peru and 1 in Bolivia through the Suyana Municipal Programme 2017 – 2019. This programme will roll in a new future for the development of the most isolated communities. Press Article Local Government Cusco




Switzerland: Care for people with dementia

It is easy to understand why the guests feel so comfortable on the farm Hof-Obergruet. The same happened to us when visited the Farm. After a short siesta, it was time for singing or playing cards. The house was filled with the smell of freshly baked cookies. The relatives can take a much-needed break and recharge their batteries knowing that their loved one is being cared for by professionals. While. Suyana Foundation has supported Hof Obergrüt since 2013.


Seminar of Local Governments Peru & Bolivia II

To highlight the accomplishment of how to achieve healthy communities, as well as to present opportunities and experiences of local government decentralization and to propose climate change strategies, Suyana Foundation, in collaboration with the DIRESA the regional Health Authority – Cusco, the Regional Council for Climate Change of the Region and Province of Cusco, supports the second International Seminar of Local Governments Peru – Bolivia on Healthy Municipalities, Decentralization and Climate Change. This will take place on Friday, April 13 at 8 o’clock in the facilities of the Congress Center (Sala Ollantaytambo) of the Municipality of Cusco. II International Seminar of Local Governments Peru and Bolivia


Bolivia: Healthy with "zero caries"

One of the benefits that “zero Caries” have given me, is not having any of my teeth chopped. All my teeth are healthy since I have been motivated by the doctors of Suyana, who first arrived in 2008. They told us that we need to brush our teeth in order to avoid toothache. When the medical mobile units of Suyana arrive, I always go there and have my teeth checked, because they are important to me. I am about to graduate from school. If one day I have children of my own, I will tell them to brush their teeth. Ruth Sanga – Student, Villa Pusuma, San Andrés de Machaca


Products: Suyana Easter Apéro 2018

Thank you very much everyone for taking the time out of your busy day to attend our Suyana Easter-Apéro. Also a big thank you to the Masquevino team, Marisa and Tiago. We felt perfectly looked after the whole evening.

To all Suyana products lovers, feel free to pass by during the office hours from Monday to Thursday at Baarerstrasse 10 in Zug to purchase products. If you have any questions, please contact our product team:   We wish you a Happy Easter!


Suyana Easter Apéro 2018

On Thursday, our Suyana Easter Apéro aperitif will take at Masquevino at place. We look forward to welcoming you and to raise our glasses to the forthcoming Easter holiday. This year our handicraft groups have designed new products especially for Easter. Come and see for yourself.

Gift for a good cause with handcrafted products from Bolivia. Gifts from the heart make a difference. See you soon!


Peru: Students visit the Yachaq Sonqo Ñan route

35 Danish students visited the the Yachaq Sonqo Ñan Route as part of their activities training as “GLOBAL CITIZENS”. They made memories while living with families in the communities of Patapallpa Alta and Pacchanta in Ocongate, joining in with their host families, social, cultural and farming activities to find out and experience first-hand how Andean people live day to day, working sustainably and respecting Mother Earth.


Switzerland: Suyana in the famer’s newspaper

In an issue of last week’s farmer’s newspaper (BauernZeitung), Suyana in the working area agriculture is explained by the fate of a farming family. Unfortunately, the family lost their child in an accident. As a result, the savings for the urgent housing rehabilitation are gone. Not only does the family have to deal with the tragic loss, they also have financial worries. Suyana helps the family in this difficult time and completes the necessary renovations.


Bolivia: A Trip to Exchange Experiences

Representatives from the departmental education board La Paz, the health departmental service La Paz, district directors and school directors from our new intervention areas travelled to schools where we worked the previous years to see for themselves what the schools have achieved, the education community and the local government working together. They received a detailed explanation about the School Project activities. The directors explained that the activities link in to the productive socio-community education model.



The Odontogram Calibration Workshop on current health ministry’s standards was held for all our dentists performing oral screening exams. The aim was to ensure that everyone is using the same criteria so that epidemiological studies can be done on oral health. This calibration was explained as a way of gathering information that decreases bias on the part of the dentist.


Peru: Promoting local human resources

„Thank you Suyana for supporting me improve the quality of life and encouraging me to make changes. I also want to say thank you for giving me a scholarship to become an auxiliary vet. We’ve been chosen from our communities to be farming experts ‘Yachaq Runas’. Because of the training I’ve learnt so much more and I’ve got a lot of experience. Today I’m becoming the Assistant District Prefect of Rondocan, now I’m head of a public institution and can still support my community.”

Wenceslao Zegarra – District Assistant Prefect of Rondocan



“I’ve been working at Suyana for the last 10 years – thereof 8 as the Head of Medical Mobile Unit Team. It’s my job to encourage, and coordinate tasks of the working areas. We want to be the best medical mobile unit, reaching our targets, prioritizing activities with the whole team on board taking decisions. We are hoping that our first trip into the rural areas 2018 will give us the chance to coordinate with the municipal government, the schools and the community as a whole so that we can get good results. We know that the communities are waiting for us and we are motivated to provide our support.“


Share your love on Valentine’s Day

The best Valentine’s Day gift is to help someone else. Make a donation, rather than buying flowers and chocolate. Each donor from Switzerland will receive a small knitted heart, produced by our women group in Bolivia. Help us to give hope for a better future!
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You are kindly invited to our Easter-Event:

When:        Thursday, March 22nd 2018   /   16:00 – 20:00 hrs
Where:       Masquevino, Poststrasse 13, 6300 Zug

Our handicraft groups have designed new products especially for Easter. We look forward to welcoming you and to raise our glasses to the forthcoming Easter holiday.  See you soon!


Switzerland: A caring home for people with dementia

Since 2017, HOUSE FUHRENMATTE cares for people with dementia. Everyday life is largely shaped like home, the shared food, the loving community and the medical care determine the day. The large protected garden is safely accessible. The guests can enjoy the nature and with the increase of their environment they gain quality of life and autonomy. To honour the valuable work of Ruth Lempen and her team Suyana Foundation has supported Haus Fuhrenmatte on its 10th anniversary.


Bolivia: Strengthening ancestral knowledge

Our marketing courses for secondary school students aims to develop school projects. One project particularly stands out: It values the ancient wisdom of the Kallawaya nation, which is an UNESCO World Heritage „Our project is based on the revaluation of the ancient knowledge in the Topics medicinal plants, natural colours and wool. All this is thanks to Suyana. We visited various courses in La Paz on marketeting, leadership and how to make the most of our natural resources.“ Ramiro Quispe, student from Moyapampa, Charazani


Peru: Rural Tourism in the Peruvian Congress

The Peruvian Congress congratulated the community-based rural tourism project “Yachaq Sonqo Ñan – The Way of the Wise Heart”, promoted by Suyana, which involves the communities living in the districts of Ocongate and Pitumarca, for their initiative and taking 1st place in the Competitive Tourism Category at the “IX Science, Technology and Innovation Fair, Cusco 2017” and 1st place at the RESPONSIBLE TOURISM WORLD FAIR 2017”.

Congratulations to all of those who spearheaded and promoted this project! Let’s all work together to improve the standard of living in rural communities!


Peru: Promoting a culture of health and healthy habits

Preventing anaemia, washing hands, drinking safe water and breastfeeding are all determinants for children to develop properly. Along with the Regional Government of Cusco, the Regional Health Authority and the Suyana Municipal Programme, the Suyana Foundation has been promoting healthy habits on radio spots broadcast during the radio programme “Suyanawan Llan´kasun”.


Suyana contest 2017

The lucky fairy of the Suyana contest raffle drew Denise Tanga. The question was: With how many medical mobile units does Suyana operate in Bolivia? The correct answer is nine. We wish the winner a lot of fun with her Lama cuddly toy and thank all participants for their visits.


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Thank you for the support and confidence in 2017.
We wish you and your loved ones happy Holidays.


Bolivia: Suyana School Fairs

Annual “Suyana School Fairs” were held in our project communities. Local authorities, teachers, families and students participated in the fairs. Everything learned was showed and new experiences were shared with the community and authorities who could see the changes and the benefits of the Suyana Model. The fairs were a great success thanks to everybody’s involvement and the counterparts of the Municipal Governments.


Peru: Tourism project wins prize

During the “VI Week and IX Science, technology and Innovation Fair, Cusco 2017”, the Regional Government of Cusco, through its office for international technical cooperation and and the Regional Council for Science, Technology and Technological Innovation, awarded the 1st prize in the Competitive Tourism Project category to the Community Tourism project “Yachaq Sonqo Ñan – The Route of the Wise Heart”. The project includes the districts Ocongate and Pitumarca and was promoted by Suyana. Congratulations!


Zuger Weihnachtsmarkt – Postplatz

Are you still looking for Christmas gifts? Then visit us at this week’s Christmas market:

Wednesday, December 13th from 15 – 21 hours
Thursday, December 14th from 11 – 21 hours
Friday, December 15th from 11 – 21 hours
Saturday, December 16th from 11 – 21 hours
Sunday, December 17th from 11 – 19 hours

Gift for a good cause with handcrafted products from Bolivia. Gifts from the heart make a difference!


Zuger Märlisunntig - Landsgemeindeplatz

The Suyana Team is excited to welcome you this upcoming Sunday at (the) Zuger Märlisunntig at Landsgemeindeplatz.

Sunday, 10. December 2017 from 1 – 6 pm. Gift for a good cause with handcrafted products from Bolivia. Gifts from the heart make a difference!

We are looking forward to seeing you there!


Bolivia: Tomorrow is Giving Tuesday. Who joins us?

„There were problems during the birth of my fourth child. I was afraid that I could lose the baby. My husband fetched the Suyana team. The doctor helped me to give birth to a healthy daughter. I do not know what we would have done otherwise. We are very grateful for the medical care provided by Suyana. If our other children are ill, we go to see the Suyana doctor. Suyana also gives us tips to keep the children and our family healthy. „Isabela Mamani Laruta, Palcoma Centro, Bolivia. More Information about our Giving Tuesday Project. To participate click here.


Gifts from the heart make a difference

By purchasing Suyana products, you support women groups like “Vida Nueva” (Project for the social reintegration of women under custody).

“Thanks to orders from Suyana, the women have an income and can work from home in the future. Thus they can be with their children, send them to school and raise them themselves. This is important for social reintegration. Through their work the women realise that the can be a better person and that there are alternatives in life.” Elvira A


Bolivia: When there is no doctor or dentist far and wide

The rural population lives in remote villages in very modest conditions. A basic medical and dental care does rarely exist. The closest doctor often can only be reached by walking for hours. This situation can threaten lives. Suyana has been working in these isolated communities for over 10 years with medical vehicles with a fully equipped dental clinic in the back. More Information about our Giving Tuesday Project. To participate click here.


Suyana Christmas exhibitions 2017

Are you looking for a meaningful gift?
Gifts for a good cause with handcrafted products from Bolivia.
Gifts from the heart make a difference! We look forward to seeing you soon.

Suyana Christmasbazar – Parkhotel Zug
Wednesday 22 & Thursday 23. November 2017 from 11-20 hrs

Christmas Exhibition – Zuger Rathaus
Saturday, 2. December 2017 from 10 – 17 hrs
Sunday, 3. December 2017 from 11 – 17 hrs

Zuger Märlisunntig – Landsgemeindeplatz
Sunday, 10. December 2017 from 13 – 18 hrs

Zuger Weihnachtsmarkt – Postplatz
Wednesday, 13. December 2017 from 15 – 21 Uhr
Thursday, 14. December 2017 from 11 – 21 Uhr
Friday, 15. December 2017 from 11-21 Uhr
Saturday, 16. December 2017 from 11 – 21 Uhr
Sunday, 17. December 2017 from 11 – 19 Uhr



Many people suffer from anaemia because they do not get enough iron from their food and micronutrients. Therefore, to combat this silent evil early on, the Suyana Foundation, Municipal Government and health facilities have been working together through the Suyana Municipal Programme (SMP). In October the SMP teams, supported by the health facilities, did a campaign to detect anaemia in primary school children.


Who joins Suyana for GivingTuesday 2017?

Suyana participates again in #GivingTuesdayCH on 28th November 2017. This Tuesday is a very special day, it’s the global day of giving.

You can help to make #GivingTuesday a big event!

Participate here: Project #GivingTuesday 2017
More information about Giving Tuesday:


Peru: Campaigns to clean

In coordination with the municipal technical support teams and health facilities, the Suyana staff in Cusco and Puno monitored the JASS water committees’ work by regularly checking the levels of chlorine in the water supply, and doing PWS cleaning, disinfecting and chlorination campaigns, to contribute to a clean water supply for the locals to reduce the number of cases of people infected with water-borne parasites. Project donation water committees


Switzerland: Suyana scholarships

Since 2012, the Swiss Study Foundation has awarded Suyana scholarships to students who achieve extraordinary academic results and have the potential for a brilliant future. The 2017/2018 scholarships were awarded to Atilla Atasoy (Master Clinical Linguistics); Sandro Christensen (Master Human Medicine); Sabrina Gurten (Master Biology) and Daria Maslennikova (Master Biochemistry).



The Municipality of Aucapata just started working with Suyana in 2017. Their District Director of Education took part in an event to find out about the Suyana School Strategy done in other municipalities in the past and decided that it would be a good idea to do something similar in Aucapata so that the schools that hadn’t been involved in the School Strategy could see how joining efforts and replicating the innovations in their own schools could benefit the students.



Suyana Foundation are constantly encouraging good hygiene practices in the most isolated communities. One of the strategies involved Colgate Peru donating oral hygiene kits, which our staff distributed among the students where we work. This encourages good oral hygiene – there’s nothing better than seeing a child with a gorgeous smile! Thank you Colgate!


Peru: Yachaq Sonqo Ñan Trail – promoted by Suyana

Yachaq Sonqo Ñan, community tourism trail, is an initiative boosted by the Suyana Model. Suyana employees, two guests and community leaders had the good fortune to be able to go on a 4-day adventure out from Patapallpa Alta and Pacchanta (Municipality of Ocongate) and ending up in the communities of Phinaya and Chilca (Municipality of Pitumarca). Along the way the group was showered with affection, ate local Andean food, and found out about local ancestral wisdom. The adventure peaked at 5,200 m.a.s.l. in Tacurani.



In 2016, the Swiss ambassador, Roger Denzer, and a delegation visited project areas to find out about our work and see the Suyana programme for themselves. As a result of this visit, this year we received a donation to be able to buy sets of carpentry tools for the schools. In June, representatives from the Swiss Embassy and COSUDE visited the schools to check that the donation had been put to good use. Thank you for all your support, your trust and interest in our work! Project BO-AB-2017-2



Suyana enabled the exchange of experiences with community leaders, local authorities and water committee members, from the regions of Cusco and Puno. The activity took place at model communities of Patapallpa Alta, Pacchanta and Llullucha in the district of Ocongate. Successful experiences of model families, Economic Organisations of Farmers- OECAs, Water Committees, reforestation and healthy schools were shown here.


Switzerland: Area – Medicine

Dementia is not just a disease of „old people“: more and more young people between 30 and 55 years are affected. People with dementia need 24 hours of support. In order to meet the requirements, it needs ideas and, above all, people who implement them with idealism, initiative and personal commitment. It gives me great pleasure to support such people with their valuable task with my work at Suyana.  /  Claudia Fleischhacker, Project Coordination Medicine


Peru: Congressmen Guido Lombardi visits Suyana

On 31.8.17 a member of Peruvian Congress, Guido Lombardi Elías, visited the communities of Patapallpa Alta (3’350 m.a.s.l.) and Pacchanta (4’350 m.a.s.l.) in Ocongate. He was able to see the successful experiences of model families, schools and communities as well as the “Yachaq Sonqo Ñan” Community-Led Tourism proposal that will join two districts – Ocongate and Pitumarca, in the Cusco Region, Peru.



01.08.2017, Community of Cotacucho, Municipality of Aucapata: A Suyana Team was called to help deliver a baby. Thanks to support from our Dr. Gabriela Condori and Eng. Rodrigo Cruz, Quispe Mayta safely delivered her fourth child – a little girl. Our staff were on hand to provide medical care based on respect and quality to mother and newborn.


Switzerland: Suyana excursion to the Bernese Oberland

On 9th August, the Suyana team was able to spend a wonderful day with its guests in the Bernese Oberland. After visiting the INFORAMA Hondrich, the agricultural training school, the group visited the Wyssen family on their alp. Thanks to the support of Suyana, the mountain farmer couple was able to make the necessary reconstruction and extension of their alpine building.


We got a new Suyana Website!

After months of hard work and dedication, we are delighted to announce the launch of our new Suyana website. Our goal is to provide you with a good overview of our activities and to bring you closer to the projects in Bolivia, Peru and Switzerland that are close to our hearts. Amongst the new features, you can now safely donate online. Have a look here: Suyana Projects. We hope you like it!

Suyana – Hope for a better future



The Potable Water and Sanitation Regulatory Authority AAPS informed about procedures of setting up a community institutions EPSAS responsible for water and sanitation. The community EPSAS that were set up in 2016, due to Suyana’s support, were given their certificates. The Food and Drinks Laboratory La Paz explained how a water analysis is realized, which Suyana will do in 73 communities.



Because our operations team stays in the communities they get to know the families that are the most vulnerable. In June they attended to emergency cases in the Checca and Ccapi districts of Cusco and referred them immediately to the district health facilities. The patients were diagnosed with intestinal obstruction, heart failure and complications during pregnancy. We are working hand in hand with the health facilities. Project Number: PE-MZ-2016-2


Peru: New roofs for more than 50 families

After the severe storms in Peru last March, many families lived in makeshift accommodations. But thanks to your generous donations, over 50 families in Alto Trujillo have a rain-proof roof again!




Switzerland: Existence endangered without lease land

In the canton of St. Gallen, a farmers‘ family with three small children has to buy its leasehold land, as the owner wants to sell for reasons of age. Without this property, the livelihood of the farm is threatened. Though the peasant couple is taking high debts, their means are not enough. How is the family to pay for this much-needed land?

Project number CH-LW-2017-3



264 students participated in the workshop of marketing skills 2017. They were trained in agricultural marketing techniques, post-harvest techniques, quality and self-esteem and leadership, but also in the elaboration of projects. They visited popular markets and supermarkets to see the commercialization of products. This way, the participants are made aware of the need to improve the commercial quality of their local products to increase their economic income, as well as the need to provide a good treatment to customers in order to generate loyalty.



The radio program “Suyanawan Llank’asun” allows citizens in general to get informed about good living, activities, objectives and results of families, schools and municipalities achieved through Suyana’s strategies, promoting the practice of healthy habits and participatory interaction to strengthen the integral changes in beneficiaries. It’s broadcasted from Tuesday to Friday from 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. from the department of Cusco, through the 830 Khz Amplitude Modulated (AM) and with its Live-Webradio over


Event: Alpine markets summer 2017

The association Alpinavera organises this summer 9 alpine markets, so that farmers can sell their excellent food products directly to the clients. Thus the added value stays in the region and the farmers receive a fair price for their work and the high quality products. Suyana participates in the exhibition costs – project number: CH-LW-2017-13.



The workshop to strengthen Health Facilities was held for health service managers and staff from the Suyana Foundation. Presentations were given by staff from the Health Service La Paz SEDES, the institution SELADIS of University Mayor de San Andrés and Suyana. The topics were: doing coproparasitological diagnosis, food security, preventing common diseases and “living without violence”, as part of integral health (SAFCI). These topics need to be dealt with by the health facilities and Suyana staff through training sessions in the rural communities.



We were invited to participate in the Departmental Oral Health Fair “Campaign to seal pits and fissures”, which was held in the Plaza Mayor de San Francisco and organised by the Departmental Health Service SEDES La Paz. Together with other institutions, such as the Red Cross and the Programme Student Health Insurance El Alto (SESO) we set up tents where the public could come in and find out about oral health. Our team provided preventative dental and healthcare in 5 of our medical mobile units. They also used posters and games to teach adults and children about how to prevent oral diseases and the Suyana Municipal Programme.



To control growth and development is essential to prevent and detect any alteration that could impede children’s optimal development. One of the easiest ways of determining children’s nutritional status is by weighing and measuring them. With the aim of boosting the technical skills of the staff of the Suyana Foundation and the Suyana Municipal Programme, a training session was held on measuring and weighing children and hemoglobin dosage. The event was held in the Suyana office and was facilitated by experts from the the Cusco South Health Services Network who worked with the staff to standardise the growth standards and hemoglobin dosage in line with those used by the Ministry of Health.


Switzerland: Suyana visiting Wiitsicht

Last week we visited Wiitsicht Center in the canton of St. Gallen where Margrit Raimann and her team take care of people with dementia. The respectful way of caring is quite exemplary. Very important is the support and counselling for caring relatives, the person suffering from dementia can stay longer at home and the health of caring relatives is positively influenced. Also thanks to the support of Suyana and other foundations, the important consultations are free of charge.  /


Event: Suyana Easter Apero

You are kindly invited to our Easter-Event:

When:        Tuesday, 11nd April 2017   /   16:00 – 19:00 Uhr
Where:       Boutique Enchanté, Reiffergässli 4, 6300 Zug

Our handicraft groups have designed new products especially for Easter. We look forward to welcoming you and to raise our glasses to the forthcoming Easter holiday. See you soon!