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Our products are produced by Bolivian women groups in loving craftsmanship, which are, of course, also justly rewarded in the sense of Fairtrade.

By purchasing the unique and exclusive Suyana products, you not only support the producers and their families, but you also make a very important contribution to the „help for self-help“.

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Group Quiswara

The Quiswara group exists since 2005 and over the course of time several women have been involved. Each of them with their own creative talent. At present three to five women produce very special animals.

For the Foundation Orphanhealthcare, the women knit the animals of the children’s book „Just like you and me“. Each animal represents a rare disease and therefore it needs a lot of expertise to produce these details.

Foundation Pacha

Since 2004 handicraft women from El Alto have been working for the Foundation Pacha. They knit animals and finger puppets, produce hand embroidered cards and create picture books, fairytale bags and gift items for Christmas.

To produce a high-quality product, it requires a lot of dedication and imagination. Based on the orders from Switzerland two to eight women are employed.

Tejidos Carla

The group Tejidos Carla was founded by Carla’s mother. In addition to her daughter, she had trained many women on knitting machines. Carla continues her mother’s project and took over 35 women as employees. 11 knitters work in the workshop of Tejidos Carla, 24 from home and 9 of them on their own knitting machine. All products are delivered to the workshop where they are checked, weighed and packed. Suyana has been working with Tejidos Carla since 2018.


The parents of Patricia had a production plant for 40 years. Through many years Patricia gained a lot of experience. When her parents fell ill, she outsourced the workers with their knitting machines to their own homes and founded the Lana workshop. As life in the country is getting more and more expensive and salaries are not rising, Lana is still trying to reward the work fairly with the cooperation with Suyana.

Julia S.

Julia lives with her family in the town of El Alto and has been manufacturing handicrafts for many years. She has been in contact with Suyana for over 10 years and has produced products for us. Since 2017 she is self-employed.

Her great talent is to produce hand embroidered cards. The following subjects are available: farmers, cholitas, flowers, birthday, good luck, birth, grief and christmas.

Las Leonas

In the year 2000 the Las Leonas group was founded in the city of El Alto. The women knit beautiful little animal finger puppets with great skill and imagination. Many of the knitters are single mothers with no permanent job. By selling the finger puppets they can help finance their family’s livelihood. The jointly generated profit goes into a solidarity fund and into projects of the church community to which the group belongs.


The handicraft women of Caramba produce unique knitwear in Alto Trujillo Peru. It is the aim, that the Mamitas with this type of work find their way into economic independence and self-employment.

Only high quality materials from Peru are processed. Available at Suyana: Baby beanies, booties, gloves and blankets.

Swiss Style made with Peruvian passion


Since the beginning of 2019 Suyana offers beautiful leather bags. These are made by the group Sutisana in El Alto, which offers work to women who were victims of sexual exploitation. A dedicated community teamed up to train these women and support them in their personal and professional development. The proceeds are used to enable the women to live in dignity.

Group Vida Nueva

The project „Vida Nueva“ (new life) was launched in the city of La Paz in the year 1998. Vida Nueva worked with women in custody for many years in order to provide them with a better social reintegration into society through a meaningful occupation.

At present two to six women, with a lot of patience for details, are producing picture books, finger puppets and alpaca gloves.


The techniques for manufacturing ceramics were developed very early in Bolivia. Today, in the city of El Alto ceramic figures are still being designed and elaborated with great patience for the details.

We receive the products from various manufacturers who work with creative teams consisting of women and men. They produce animals of different sizes and at Christmas time bells and cribs.