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Donations for Bolivia / Peru:
Foundation Suyana Mundial, 6300 Zug
Bank: UBS Switzerland AG, 8098 Zürich
CHF-IBAN: CH60 0027 3273 2722 7520 H
Bank payment slip Bolivia/Peru

Donations for Switzerland:
Foundation Suyana, 6300 Zug
Bank: UBS Switzerland AG, 8098 Zürich
CHF-IBAN: CH86 0020 6206 1851 0202 W
Bank payment slip Switzerland

General Donations

Through a general donation you support our daily activities in Bolivia, Peru or Switzerland.

We are grateful for any support.

Project Donations

Current Suyana projects in Bolivia, Peru or Switzerland can be supported with a direct contribution.

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Celebrate and Donate

Joyful events such as birthdays, weddings or anniversaries are a good opportunity to think of other people. Celebrations for a good cause.

Donation Notes

100% of your donation will be credited to a project, i.e. no deductions for administrative costs. The administrative costs are covered by the founders.

Since we are recognised as a private, non-profit organisation, one can deduct the donated amount from the taxes (subject to local regulations).

Bank slip Bolivia / Peru
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