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Thanks to Suyana, locals now have access to dental care and visit a dentist at least once a year. This is important as 95% of the population suffer from cavities. The aim is to have all school-age children have “zero caries”, which we do through preventative treatments, setting up hygiene corners in homes and schools, and good oral hygiene habits. Supporting public health establishments is crucial as only few have a dentist’s office.

Dental care

In 2018 our teams realized 17’286 dental treatments. 477 children reached “zero caries”. Many had to be seen more than once or twice by our dentists to obtain this goal. They all received their “Zero Cavities” certificate. Thanks to having healthy teeth, these children now are in better health. Older adults are also treated and given false teeth if necessary. More complicated cases are referred on to specialists.


Thanks to practical and theoretical classes on oral health and healthy diets, students now have healthy habits. The classes use teaching material developed by Suyana. The hygiene corners set up in the schools and homes have helped students to get into the habit of brushing their teeth frequently. The teachers and families have calendars where they mark down each time the students brush their teeth.

Healthcare System

The staff working for the public health system are supported through training sessions, teaching material and work clothes. The health establishment’s needs are assessed and material and equipment provided. Suyana works with the local governments to set up new dental practices; the local government provides the dentist and Suyana contributes the necessary equipment. This means that more people have a dentist close by.


The staff at the Maxillofacial Unit in the General Hospital of La Paz and Suyana have enjoyed a long and fruitful relationship for some time now. Our foundation donates equipment the unit needs, and the Unit trains our dentists to do maxillofacial surgery for free. Also, the surgeons at the General Hospital see the cases from rural areas that the Suyana dentists cannot treat in the field.

Some Results


Treatments 171’985
Students „Zero Caries“ 4’676
Special cases 29
People trained 23’846
Hygiene areas in schools 3’291
Hygiene areas in families 3’189