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Cooperation with other non-profit institutions is very important for Suyana. That is why we support selected partners in Switzerland and other countries.

There is a close relationship with the partners for many years and their goals are in line with those of Suyana.

These projects are financed jointly, but the partners are responsible for their implementation.

Eritrea - Partnerproject Archemed

Eritrea is located in the northeast of Africa. It is one of the poorest countries in the world. The objective of the association ARCHEMED is the humanitarian and medical aid for children in Eritrea through the establishment of medical infrastructure and the training of Eritrean medical staff. Every year, different medical teams from Europe travel to Eritrea to pursue these tasks.

Eritrea - NEONATOLOGY Barentu

We have supported the medical project of ARCHEMED in the provincial capital Barentu in the southwest of Eritrea since 2012. The main goals are the training of local staff and technical safety of water, electricity and oxygen supply. Meanwhile, the number of births and the amount of treated children has already increased. The lives of many young mothers and children can so be saved.


Many people in Africa unnecessarily go blind because there are no clinics or specialists for eye treatments available. An Archemed-Team travels to Asmara once or twice a year. There they take care of squinting children, perform surgeries and provide suitable glasses. Thanks to the relatively simple measures, the children can lead a normal life. The training of local professionals is another main focus of the project.

Myanmar 2019

Myanmar is one of the poorest countries in Southeast Asia. In the schools the classrooms are overcrowded and the buildings are deteriorated. Since 2012, the MBSPF has built 42 schools and 11 teacher cottages, which has been of benefit to approx. 4,700 children.

In 2019, Suyana supported the construction of a new school and the renovation of an old UNESCO school building in the village of Than Nu Taw.

Info MBSPF and school projects:


Myanmar 2018

Myanmar is a multinational nation in Southeast Asia with a population of over 50 mio. When visiting the schools in the villages, one will be confronted with overcrowded classrooms and school buildings in disrepair.

2018 a new schoolhouse was built and an old UNESCO-building was renovated in the village of Htan Taw oo with the support of Suyana.

Info: MBSPF and school projects:

Myanmar 2017

The Myanmar/Burma Schools Projects Foundation (MBSPF) has been building schools since 2012 to improve the educational opportunities of disadvantaged children in Myanmar. Education is a first step on the way out of poverty.

In the year 2017 they will build with the support of Suyana a primary school and a teacher’s cottage in the village of They Phu Chaung.

Orphanhealthcare - Kid's book and puppets

Suyana supports the production of the children book „Just like you and me“. The dog Cuba makes a world trip and meets on the way animals with a rare disease. The book encourages children to look for new friends, just like Cuba.

The animal friends of Cuba are produced as finger puppets by women of the handicraft groups in Bolivia. They knit these special animal puppets with skilled craftsmanship.

Una sonrisa por el Perú - USPE Peru

Co-founded by a group of Swiss, the Peruvian volunteer organization Una Sonrisa por el Peru (USPE) is dedicated to help underprivileged people in the slums of the city of Trujillo located in the north of Peru. USPE’s aim is to be part of a positive change in a culture where there is otherwise not much hope for a better future. Together with USPE Peru, Suyana supports families affected by the 2017 flood disaster.

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